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confield or double figure?

Romano-povo from earth on 2001-06-20 14:31 [#00010467]

i think that double figure is more accessible than confield.
But there is much more complex work on confield which makes
it more powerfull...
so definetely, confield


cheech wizard from age on 2001-06-22 11:31 [#00010686]

yep,confield does it for me.


PostModernVancouver from Vancouver,Canada on 2001-06-22 14:31 [#00010689]

No offense, just because its complex doesnt make it any
better in my opinion.
I would believe in CONFIELD if it were more listenable, but
with the exception of a few its plain dull IMO.
Aphex does the combination of both chaos, complexity and
beauty far better then Autechre, thats why Aphex will always
be remembered years from now, over AE ( as much as I like
Ae goes to ( lately anyways) too much extreme one way and
the opposite again.
Aphex goes for the axis which is far harder to do, the often
sarcasm, humor, evilness and beauty rolled into one is
something in where he stands alone.
But Plaids Double Figure might not be as complex, but IMO a
far more enjoyable release to listen to then CONFIELD and
complex enough in its own sort of way.


Earface from Henglund on 2001-06-22 17:45 [#00010698]

Confield is a rewarding album. I think that it is fucking
amazing; better than Aphex's recent (loose use of the term)
stuff. But I shouldn't compare them really.


nekta killa from in a bin on 2001-06-22 19:43 [#00010708]

double fucking figure foo, that rocks like a fat girl on
crack!! yehaaaaaa


ohin on 2001-06-22 20:40 [#00010717]

For some reason it took me some time to get into confield as
opposed to double figure, but now that I have, I definitely
prefer confield. There's just so many layers on top of each
of other; one of the most complex electronic I've heard.
Then again, complexity is not necessarily a good thing; it
just depends what you're trying to convey.


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