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how to "rip" files

thanksomuch from miami (and i hate it here) on 2001-06-20 03:09 [#00010421]

hello, welcome and so on.. please please does any on know
any thing about how to rip files... your support and
knowlege are greatly needed.....

also, please have mercy on my soul.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-20 05:15 [#00010428]

What do you mean rip files? Like a cd into mp3 format songs?
Thats simple, all you need is your computer a program [free
if you don't already have on] and a cd burner in your
computer, if you have these then its easy as 1-2-3.


thanksomuch from miami (and i hate it here) on 2001-06-20 19:56 [#00010517]

welllllllll, yes, that is what i mean, the question is, do
you know what the best program is and do you have a link or
some thing? i admit, perhaps i am a bit lazy, but i want to
get advice from the experts..... (kissing ass), so i figured
my friends in Aphex could help me out...


Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-06-20 21:35 [#00010531]

I use a program called Audio Catalyst. very easy to use with
good documentation, i figured out how to use it within 10
minutes of tweaking the settings, i ripped and encoded a
whole cd and it sounds great in mp3 and midi. very easy, a
kid could set it up, though it doesnt format from mp3 back
to cd, if anyone knows of a good program, please share, hope
that helps man


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-21 01:29 [#00010553]

Well my G4 came with a great program for playing tunes,
organizing them into albums, and groups and so on, as well
you can rip cds, change the ID-3 tags of the tunes, and all
sorts of great stuff.


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