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AFX in Star Wars??

RockHoward from Queretaro, Mexico on 2001-06-20 02:57 [#00010420]

i hear rumours abt a song titled On the Romance tip and
George Lucas use that song in one of the trylogy(well, now
4). Its true that fact?? Now i know the Star Wars theme is
NOT from AFX(thanx to this c00l site) and i want to know is
RDJ is in plans to make a new record or live shows coz i
want to see he.

Thanx 4 the attention(sorry by my poorly english)


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-20 05:17 [#00010429]

No, I really don't think thats true about the Star Wars
stuff, songs I mean. And as well, he probably will not
release any new material for a while, maybe a year or more,
probably a bit more Im guessing. And as for Live shows youll
have to move to Britian to [or I guess I should say the
United Kingdom] and live there to see his shows..because he
does not play many, and practicly never leaves to North
America... so, yeah.


Phobiazero from Sweden on 2001-06-20 07:23 [#00010443]

Rich "claims" in his latest(?) interview from Index Magazine
that he is behind some tracks from the commercial
business... so, he is VERY mysterious and who knows what
sideprojects he's currently involved in.

As always when we speak of Rich: "Who knows?"


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