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TrIp from CA on 2001-06-19 15:48 [#00010357]

can anyone tell me if PowerPill was used in "The Beach" ? ?
? i seem to remember it, or a song really similar when the
guy is all fucked, and starts running through the jungle
like a video game..........lemme know


Organ Grinder from my own little fantasy world on 2001-06-19 15:59 [#00010358]

never saw "the beach." i do know however that Come To Daddy
was used in 8MM, and that Bucephalus Bouncing Ball was used
in the movie Pi.


Jawhob from Newfoundland Canada on 2001-06-19 18:31 [#00010369]

in 8mm the come to daddy is playing on a tv somewhere in the
backround in one scene. I think the song plays shortly too.


SWAI from Denmark on 2001-06-19 18:46 [#00010375]

The song is like a major part of the climax in the movie!

nic cage is entering the house of a bad guy. The bass of
come to daddy starts playing. he looks all around him, only
to find an lp with richards face all over it playing around
as the track finishes.
he leaves the room.
it starts over againg even tho he looked everywhere!


Bucephalus is not really played in the movie at any time
(autechre is tho)

see the movie anyhow!


Justin Schiz from Stamford, Ct., USA on 2001-06-19 18:47 [#00010376]

dude, you guys are TOTALY copying what Phobzeio or whomever,
said on the RANDOM facts thing under "NEWS"


9 on 2001-06-19 20:22 [#00010390]

Justin, how old are you?


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-20 01:46 [#00010413]

yeah, your forgetting that there was a AFX song in the movie
"BLADE" with wesley snipes, and in "The Doom Generation" ,
its a fucking GREAT movie. Pi as mentioned below has one,
and so does 8MM.


clobe smith from over here on 2001-06-20 03:24 [#00010423]

i believe, keep in mind i've only seen "the beach" once, but
the part you're talking about a remix of blur's "middle of
the road" is playing (i think. i'm going out on a limb on
this, cause i can't remember all that well)


Aron? from Canada on 2001-06-20 03:29 [#00010424]

Isn't Bouncing Ball on the Pi soundtrack, but not in the
movie? That's what I heard.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-20 04:58 [#00010426]

Aron? There is like a little clip of that sound right at the
end, that "japnese/chinese" souding thing, and no Im not
racist or anything, its playing with there are some asian
people in the streets. I don't know if he took it from the
movie, or the move took it from the song though.


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