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rob fragilenine from a place with a man standing on a telephone box with a cordless drill cord in his hand and a box of matches on his feet on 2001-06-18 04:45 [#00010111]

I woke up today and realised that I had no toenails. This
disturbed me, but a distorted penguin suddenly flew in.

I was typing on my wrist yesterday and wondered, 'Why are
arrows part of the history of toads?'. This led me to
discover a pig caught in a fearless tractor's door's tyre. I
freed him, but then he immediately ate the piece of bread
that I didn't have in my hand.

I am putting several of my treasured items up for sale:

Ray Martin's Hair - $10.3333 + a broken chicken

My collection of Britney Spears' fingers - John Dust's Guide
to being Slosh + a dead website

Remember me - Notify me of future replies

A piece of electricity in a can - Adam's Apple

Any buyers?


Aron? from Canada on 2001-06-18 04:50 [#00010113]

Have you ever thought about what would happen if a chair sat
on you?

Happy holidays.

Where's Wizard's Teeth at?


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-18 07:37 [#00010119]

I'll buy that adams apple! Wait a minute... how much? *Feels
Aww forget it! I already have one!

How much for that electricity in a can? It just stays in the
can?! Neat!


po{e} from the uk on 2001-06-18 11:48 [#00010139]



CloNe from Deep inside the arteries of a public sewer system on 2001-06-18 12:52 [#00010141]

Hey rob, can i get ray martins hair on tick?? And does it
still grow if it gets cut??


rob fragilenine from DO I ASK YOU WHERE YOU'RE FROM??? on 2001-06-19 01:57 [#00010290]

Yes, Ray Martin's hair is up for sale, and it does grow
after it's been cut.

Electricity stays in its can, I will give it to you in
exchange for a crow's steering wheel.

Don't you need another Adam's Apple?


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-19 02:12 [#00010294]

I swear.. I don't know how many times Ive stared at the moon
and thought, how do they make great candy at Lennox [the
furnace repair guys] and I wonder why when I was a kid, my
mother always told me to speak german when my mailman fucked
my cat. This is what led me to believe that the Aphex Twin
MB has totally lost its mind in .. well in complete utter
insane, madnessssssSsSs. Please help the sleepless cows.


rob fragilenine from you tell me on 2001-06-19 02:24 [#00010295]

I cannot help your sleepless cows, as I do not like Kiss. I
can help sleeveless cows, because they are quite not ok. I
will surely help them contain their drinking habits, which I
bought from a toy shop. It may or may not have been May, but
I surely had a good time describing the life cycle of ants
to my favourite donkey uncle. Does anyone know of any
industrial plants that make prawn muffins with choc chips
made out of rocks? I'm looking for them to surprise my Aunty
564 (that's her name) on my birthday. My pet donkey,
however, has a sister that is studying lemon mathematics at
the Elephant Centre in France. This led me to discover the
difference between elephants and apples:

1. Elephants talk about physics; apples talk about how to
make your own movie describing the effects of calligraphy.

2. Elephants may/may not look similar to pigs, while apples
may have a specific comparison to horses when lined up with

3. Apples tap a beat, Elephants like melody.

4. Apples have more intelligence (one once told me about the
importance of windows), while elephants cannot be in charge

5. Elephants may moo like a cow now, but wait until the
future, when apples will cry.

6. There are 6 times for an elephant, only 1 for an apple.

That is all.


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-19 03:15 [#00010301]

When I eat cow now It helps to have a hearty serving of veal
eggs. I duno about you dood, but to me I think that jelly
monkeys and bean trees taste YUMMS... *POOTYS* and i think
that Poontos is good for certain people, unless limo riding
and smiling at business ladies is not your thinG


Dew from many leaves on 2001-06-19 07:22 [#00010316]

I had recently remembered a little of a song I heard back in
the 50s called britney spears. and it goes a little
something like this

britney spears eats jelly beans, while nat king cole perfers
tangerines, *boom boom* (bass)

my stew is nice and hot, while eskimo stew is probably not
*boom boom*

elvis presley would sing songs, while most of us smoked
bongs *boom boom*

britney spears has a mat, and sometimes eats foods with less
saturated fat *boom boom*

well thats all I can remember for now


dew from many leaves on 2001-06-19 07:24 [#00010317]

what are you talking about? britney spears wasnt even around
in the 50s


Dew from many leaves on 2001-06-19 07:24 [#00010318]

are you sure?


dew from many leaves on 2001-06-19 07:25 [#00010319]



Dew from many leaves on 2001-06-19 07:25 [#00010320]



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