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Faveorite artists.

Aron? from Canada on 2001-06-17 20:48 [#00010082]

What everyones favorite artists?

Mine are:

Mr. Projectile
Beef Terminal

There are lots more but thoes are my favorites.

PS: I finally signed up for an acount the other day
and it should be up and running as soon as they aprove it.

In the meantime you can check out my station.

Cheers: Aron


RECYCLE from roca,ne on 2001-06-17 22:20 [#00010086]

ooh i see a personal plug to self ???
joking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i enjoy
i have bought all of their varios artists compilations (4 i
believe)..ill go chekc now.........thanks...........

i also check you out !!!!on mp3 of course


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-18 00:40 [#00010093]

I'm glad you plug, I love to hear stuff. There is great
music on I'll wait for yours to get up. Here's MY

delet ER boy
james bohn
imaginary fantasy
mc hawking *funny*
id lab
orange dust
leo deboe
samual 14 *funny* (a song that only says "w" and repeats and
repeats it)
hazama (for song "little skippy)
I'm sure there's lots I forgot


rob fragilenine from rock on 2001-06-18 01:12 [#00010094]

serial rate (on i think)
artificial selection
leo deboe
6 am eternal


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-06-18 02:25 [#00010105]

most of these are on besonic
makonouchi bento (dance-idm)
Pulsevibe (ambient)
Rob's variously named stuff
cell (on
Instucional shuttle ("confield" ambient on


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-18 08:01 [#00010124]

You must not know many mp3 artists if I'M one of your
favorites, he he heh.


Glitch from New Zealand on 2001-06-18 09:30 [#00010128]

has anyone said anything about Phluidbox yet ?


DJ Necrogenic from Riverside / California on 2001-06-18 10:19 [#00010131]

heres another shameful plug for me...


wst from syy on 2001-06-18 11:23 [#00010132]

mr.projectile and Ochre


Scary Bear on 2001-06-18 11:47 [#00010138]

ID Lab is fucking amazing.

DRAWBACKS are very medium, they are what I define as OK. A
little cheesy but still better than putting up with
mainstream crap.

If anyone knows of any more good n's like ID Lab please
tell. I'm going to buy his CD when I figure out how.


od from perth on 2001-06-18 15:17 [#00010161]

cheers M.
im quite rubbish though.
anyone want to teach me what lurks below 180 bpm?

heh j/k


thorpe from sydney,aus on 2001-06-18 15:33 [#00010162]

dont even bother signing up with they are a fucking
rip off. ripping artists off left right and centre. dont you
know everyone is leaving thay suck! unless your a
premium member your songs will take about 10-14 days to be
approved. everytime you upload a new one. it sucks. thay
make you pay to give them content for there page. and thay
make a fucking fortune. what does the artist get? nothing.
to be a premium member would cost me $20u.s/month [$40aus]
and in the three months i was there i made nearly $7 in pay
4 play. sure, i wasnt topping the charts, but you know
theres like 250000 artisits on there. you gonna do much
better? the only possible way to do well is to spam every
message board and email address you get your hands on, and
after a while people just gonna get the shits with that.
just forget the whole ide. go to a more artist friendly
site. i use which is bassically the same
deal, but free. i dont pay them, thay dont pay me. its all
about exposure. hell, dont even allow deeplinking to
other webpages or emails anymore, not without the artist
paying for a special deeplinking service.


M from Fraggle Rock on 2001-06-18 17:25 [#00010173]

I don't pay them and they don't pay me either. (Well it's
hard to say if they do. My artist page says about 15.00, but
my other personal payback page stays at about 5.00.) I don't
really care, I like the convenience of being able to listen
to other people's music and letting them listen to mine.


Justin Schiz from Stamford, Ct., USA on 2001-06-18 17:28 [#00010174]

2. Luxt
3. H|U|R|T|
4. Drop Shadow
5. Bile


Justin Schiz from Stamford, Ct., USA on 2001-06-18 17:29 [#00010175]

yeah, its a hell of a lot better to just upload your stuff


Chris Ochre from Newcastle, UK. ( on 2001-06-18 18:34 [#00010215]

Cheers Aron and wst for sticking me on your list - I
appreciate it!

Mr. P is cool (I'm listening to him now).

A lot of people seem to be using Ampcast instead of
these days. Seems alright, but I think you still have to pay
for it (?). Plus I think they're still settling on streaming
formats and the like, so inevitably they've had a few
teething problems.'s been okay to me so far (now I've said that
something's bound to screw up!) and luckily I've managed to
make my $20 a month back by P4P. Yeah, promoting your music
is a bitch, but there are BBs that actually want to hear one
anothers work believe it or not. Some are more supportive
than others, naturally. I still reckon the best exposure
would be good ol' fashioned gigging and magazine reviews,
but the Internet does help a lot (I haven't gigged yet, but
plan to later in the year), and makes promotion easier.

I haven't heard ID Lab or Phluidbox yet, but I'll sort that.
Cell never really appealed to me. I heard a few tracks from
Digisonix which were pretty good (sort of a more upbeat BoC)
but I can't remember the URL for them/him. Chulk's
not bad, apparently he's signed now too.

I'm sure there are tons of artists I've forgotten to



Scary Bear on 2001-06-18 18:59 [#00010225]

Aron?: You are an absoluye god. Thanks to one simple
question my hard disk is filled with amazing music and
everything is running incredibly slow which will cost a
fortune to get fast again. Never mind. It's all worth it.

Keep talking people.


Aron? from Canada on 2001-06-18 23:24 [#00010278]

heh heh heh, I am god...


hevquip from a foxes wooden leg on 2001-06-19 00:16 [#00010286]

i like

i broke my robot
qray, shapethrower (same guy, different aliases)
locutus, inerex (same guy, different aliases, and also a
local around where i live)


|REFLEX| from Western Canada on 2001-06-19 04:15 [#00010306]

i really like the hardcore styling of The Shizit

They are hardcore/electronica... stuff, kinda more hardcore
gabber stuff. I enjoy it lots, and have been listening to
them since they first started on


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-06-20 01:42 [#00010412]

ID Lab runs a site called "" which has many
interesting acts showcased,.. If you're looking for some
good homemade music,... have a look there,.. there's a link
to the site in the "links" section of this site


Parasyte from NJ, USA on 2001-06-20 06:10 [#00010436]

other REALLY good artists,

Carlos Botello
Electroshock Therapy, Copro (same guy)
Sonic Wallpaper
Girl Scouts On Heroin
Diagram Of Suburban Chaos (wow)
and....(shameless plug, but I had to do it)
DJ Psycho N Parasyte isn't that bad, although it sucks we did get a lapse
in our FREE service... although, I'd say that once you blow
up cause you're that good and everyone loves you, $20 a
month ain't all that bad for a little world-wide popularity.
You can't get much for free.



Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-20 06:21 [#00010438]

1: ID Lab
2: Deceptikon (some of the funniest shit i've heard)
3: Instruction Shuttle
4: Comma
Mr. eel


TekN010G from Australia on 2001-06-20 08:13 [#00010454]

cool,... another instuctional shuttle fan


hevquip from a foxes wooden leg on 2001-06-20 16:33 [#00010497]

i think finch is really good


Quoth from Lincoln on 2001-06-20 18:42 [#00010512]

SHIT! I forgot to even mention ORANGE DUST!! He's an amazing of my fav's other than ID Lab & Instruction


Thiefofalways from Germany on 2001-06-20 19:34 [#00010515]

Well, i didnt find them on are a rip off) and i
did find it on napster, but i havent been ablr to find their
stuff here in germany anywhere, so i gotta get them there:
Spiritual Vibes, Nobukazu Takemura's band. His stuff is also
really good, but grab spiritual vibes is better i think. I f
anyone knows where i can get their disks, please mail me,
definately worth picking up


Leo DeBoe from USA on 2001-06-20 21:18 [#00010527]

Mine are:

Prolix Firth
Red Joy Reid
Nautilus(where'd they go? planet mu!)
Auto Fire


Aron? from Canada on 2001-06-21 23:45 [#00010655]

Ok, my site is up now.

Check it out:



H3XAN3 [C6H14] from Melb. on 2001-06-22 04:56 [#00010664]

Quoth: you like mr. eel too? i like that untitled345345
whatever song he did, one of my all time favourites. he has
a wicked looking site too.

everyone needs to checkout dr. awkward - its more
'mainstream' hiphop-breaks stuff but it seems to be much
more. all the artists at are worth
checking out.

thorpe's right: the service at is getting worser.
but remember, they still are to an extent doing it for free
- i just wish they could have maintained that early
standard. that "deep-linking" shit pissed me off big time,
same with upping the prices of DAM cds, i want them the
cheapest (not that anyone buys my cds anyway). i do like how
you can by your own at a discount tho.
im seriously considering going to, is that only
for Australian artists? oh well, i'd qualify. can you do cds
there aswell i wonder?


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